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Looking to get cheaper gas and electric bills for your business?
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We’ve made comparing commercial gas and electric suppliers quick, easy and stress-free.

We need some details from you and then we can provide you with a huge range of tariffs from over 30 energy suppliers. When you decide who you want to go ahead with, you can compete the switch online or by calling one of our energy experts. It’s that simple!

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We can help you compare commercial energy tariffs. In fact, we’ve made it easy.
You can do it online or by calling one of our energy advisers on 0800 849 7077.

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We will let your new supplier know that you want to switch to them and the tariff you choose. All you need to do is inform your current supplier you will be leaving on your contract end date.


Why use Business Energy Shop?

1) Compare across top suppliers from the Big Six, challengers and clean energy.
2) Get accurate quotes fast, with our smart technology and human expertise.
3) Get our best prices sent to you later, if you’re not in the window to switch now.
4) Be protected from nasty surprises on your bill, with no hidden costs.
5) Save 36%* on your business energy. In minutes!

Choosing the Best Energy Deal for your Business

We are impartial, so no supplier or deal will be forced on you. You will be shown your energy quote results in a clear and transparent way. You can then choose the tariff that suits your business.

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All you need to know!

1How long does it take to switch an energy supplier?
It can take between 10 days to 3 months to successfully switch from your existing supplier to the new supplier. There are many factors that determine the time it takes to switch. For example, in some cases, there are billing arrears that need to be cleared and in some cases, a business may be in a long term contract and switching process cannot take place until you are closer to your contract renewal.
2How can I get a smart meter for my business?
You can call us on 0845 021 5000 to discuss your requirements to install a smart meter at your business premises or send us an email for further details at:
3Why switch supplier?
Businesses can save money by switching their current energy supplier to the one that offers more competitive prices and more flexible energy contract. Each supplier has a different price plan for businesses energy just like the insurance companies. Business energy shop trained energy experts will help businesses like yours to find the right energy product that suits your business and financial needs.
4Is your switching service free of cost?
We don’t charge customers for using our services. We get paid by the energy suppliers each time we introduce a new customer to them.

Want to talk?
Please call as: 0345 021 5000

Business Energy Shop is business energy price comparison company with a difference.
We are one of the few energy comparison companies that are able to provide your business with a free online energy comparison – telling you exactly how much you can save withou picking up the phone. We will tell you exactly how much you can save on your existing electricity and gas bills, right here on our website. However, if you prefer to speak to someone directly, we have a team of dedicated energy advisors who can advise on any aspect of your energy related query.