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5 Top Reasons Why Using An Energy Broker For Your Business Energy Makes Solid Financial Sense – Part 1

5 Top Reasons Why Using An Energy Broker For Your Business Energy Makes Solid Financial Sense – Part 1

When it comes to business, there are more ways than one to ensure that outgoing expenses don’t eat into company profits. And that’s why using an energy broker to get the best deal on business energy can provide a real and valuable service.

It doesn’t matter what sector this might be in – be it the insurance industry, banking or the energy industry – because what a broker provides is access to the very best business energy deals available. And these deals equal less outgoings, hence higher end profits for the company. In addition to this, using the services of an energy broker removes the necessity to have large in-house sales and marketing departments, further saving money spent on employee salaries and other overheads.

But these aren’t the only reasons for using an energy broker. Consider the following ‘top 5’ when making choices about who provides business energy.

Advantage #1

No matter how good a company or individual might be at seeking out the very best deal, the ability to effectively compare business electricity rates – or any type of energy rates – is complex and, sad to say, virtually impossible. This is because market prices change on an hourly, or even a minute by minute, basis.

What this means is that a quote from electricity or gas supplier A on day one is not directly comparable to the one received from supplier B on day two. This makes gas and electricity price comparison extremely difficult for the individual company.

Contract terms and conditions from different business energy providers have subtle, but important, differences, and the difficulties in understanding which is the best deal for a company from the wording can be complex. In the most basic of terms, what might only appear to be a subtle difference in the wording of a contract from one supplier to another, could ultimately mean that a company ends up paying more than necessary for their business energy needs.

Using the services of an energy broker such as the Business Energy Shop means that a company can take advantage of a huge amount of experience to ensure that the very best deal is reached. We constantly compare business electricity rates, gas rates and prices charged for telecommunication services, and are well versed in all the intricacies of contract wording.

Advantage #2

Supply and demand can have an extreme effect on prices. So naturally, if energy suppliers are put in a situation where they need to compete for your business, the price you ultimately pay gets cheaper. Using the services of an energy broker means that you take full advantage of this basic law of business, because a broker forces suppliers to become more competitive.

In the second part (link) of our article we go into further detail about why using a broker might be the right step for your business to find the cheapest energy deals.

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