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Business Energy – Ways to Lower Your Overheads – Part 3

Business Energy – Ways to Lower Your Overheads – Part 3

In this, the last of three articles on the theme of ways to compare business electricity rates and to compare energy suppliers, we take a look at some of the smaller aspects that might influence your decision. However, just because these might not seem quite so important, don’t make the mistake of thinking that these won’t do much for helping you get the cheapest business electricity.

Points 1-6 of our Top 10 tips can be read here (link) and here (link)…

#7 – Colour’s important – so why not go green…

For many businesses, taking the environmentally friendly green business energy option can be a smart move. However, before you jump in, it certainly pays to do some homework. Checking out how different business energy suppliers provide green business energy can help you save money with very little effort on your behalf.

#8 – Small is beautiful

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the smaller suppliers are not a safe option. In many cases, choosing to go with a small or mid-sized supplier can provide your company with the cheapest business gas and electricity rates.

The industry is tightly regulated, and many small suppliers have been around for many years. If the worst happened and a supplier did go out of business, your company would still be provided with its business energy needs. This would be carried out by an industry regulator, meaning you can benefit from rates of a smaller suppler with no added risk factors.

#9 – Moving premises? Might be time to change business energy suppliers.

This is the ideal time to compare business electricity and gas rates, and if necessary to switch suppliers. It’s certainly not necessary to stick with your current supplier, so don’t be told otherwise. Using the services of a business energy broker could well help you find the very best deal.

#10 – Don’t make the mistake of many…

… and fail to switch energy supplier to a better deal. Did you know that only 33 per cent of small businesses actually check their current supplier is providing them with the best deal at the end of a contract, losing out on hundreds or thousands of pounds in saving?

Think smart, think savvy, and ensure that your business is making every penny spent work as hard as it can. We can help you seek out the very best deal, so get in touch for a free, no-obligation chat, and find out how much your business could be saving.

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