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How to Register a Complaint About Your Energy Supplier?

How to Register a Complaint About Your Energy Supplier?

Do you have energy complaints from your supplier? If the lag in their services is taking too long, you must not go quietly about it, otherwise your problems would not be taken seriously. Remember, all energy suppliers have a support panel and you can file your complaint anytime you like.

There can be multitudes of problems in your energy supply/services such as power cuts, low voltage, excessive energy bills etc. Tolerance is one thing, but being taken for granted is unfair on all levels of morality, remember the commitment that energy supplier claim at the time of submission. So from now on, you are going to be loud and clear about the discrepancies. We will guide you how to properly register a complaint about your energy provider.

Step 1: Call Helpline

If there’s a minor flaw, it could probably be solved by a simple phone call to the helpline numbers provided by the company. There is no need to reach out main office at once. What you must do briefly is convey to them the type of problem, date and time. Be extensive on the issue you are experiencing, specifics matter. Leave no room for misunderstanding, because your misinterpretation is often quoted as a bureaucratic excuse behind their delayed efforts.

At the end of your recorded message, you will be given a complaint or case number, which you should memorise or write down somewhere, because it  contains important details of the ongoing issue, should you need to contact your energy supplier again.

Step 2: Follow up

If there is no response from the representatives on the helpline and nobody arrives on the scene whatever, you should keep ringing their office with reference to your complaint number. Your constant reminder will finally prompt them to send someone to assist you.

Step 3: Levels up

When you think calling them is not making the necessary action, pull your sleeves to seek out senior representatives of the company. The locations, email addresses, contacts of the main offices and the headquarters should be available on the company’s website. Now their response has taken too long to wait, and you should write them emails and letters regarding inadequate response from the local office with reference of your complaint number and account number as well, so the supplier may easily track down your query.

If you want to visit their office yourself, don’t forget to bring the photocopies of related documents, like your submission form, bills and receipts of courier services addressed to their offices. The paperwork will be of absolute help when you take your case to authorities other than the company.

Step 4: Legal advice

If after continued struggle, the energy supplier is not doing any good for you, you should know your legal rights. However, before taking any step against the company, take the help of Citizens Advice Consumer Service and ask for their suggestions, they will put you in the right direction. Moreover, due to commonness of energy complaints, they have a separate division for energy related crises, so you will probably be connected to them when you call the operator.

Citizens Advice Consumer Service:

Postal Address:     Moulten Park, Northampton, NN3 0AN
PO Box 833
Phone number :     08454 04 05 06

Keep in mind that Citizens Advice is a charity service, so they can only offer you suggestions and legal information about your rights. However, if you belong to a vulnerability group (elderly, unemployed, low income, longstanding illnesses), they might take up your case, otherwise they do not have the authority to handle the case on your behalf. So, again you are on your own, but this time you have the power of information that can make your supplier sweat in an air conditioned room.

Step 5: The Last Resort : Energy Ombudsman

Energy Ombudsman is the bridge between consumers and energy suppliers in our country. It is responsible for neutrally handling complaints of the customers or any kind of dispute between the two parties. This is your final retreat because Energy Ombudsman has the much-needed authority to handle the energy supplier. Once they mark your complaint as unresolved after the subscribed company fails to do so, they interfere with a solid and practical solution, which may result in an apology or explanation from the company or even a financial award as a compensation for your troubles. The biggest names in the energy industry, including British Gas, EDF, E.ON, npower, ScottishPower and SSE, are also liable to Ombudsman for validation of their services.

You might ask, when to contact the Energy Ombudsman? If you have a complaint against any of the above that is unresolved after 8 weeks you can go to  Ombudsman offices. In case of small suppliers  ( First Utility, Spark energy, Ovo Energy etc), you  should wait for 12 weeks. In some cases, the supplier declares the dispute as ‘deadlocked,’ which automatically entitles you to get assistance from Energy Ombudsman.

Energy Ombudsman

Postal Address:     Warrington WA4 9DF, PO Box 966
Phone number:    0330 440 1624 or 01925 530263
Fax number:        0330 440 1625 or 01925 530264
Text Complainst:    0330 440 1600 or 01925 430886
Email:             enquiries@os-energy.org
Website:         http://www.ombudsman-services.org

Listed below are the types of complains that can be taken to Ombudsman:

  • Issues with supply of energy to your home or office, such as power cuts and connections
  • Issues about energy bills or problems emerging as a result of company’s sales activity
  • Problems resulting from switching gas or electricity supplier
  • Microgeneration and feed-in tariffs

The Energy Ombudsman cannot deal with:

  • Changes made by an energy company in the unit prices
  • Issues about liquid petroleum gas (LPG)
  • Disputes that Ombudsman decides to leave for the court

So, we have learned there is a solution to every problem, as long as you act and know what to do. Complaints can be resolved strategically. If your energy supplier is not cooperating with you, there are various channels that will do you the justice.

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