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Have a Power Cut, What to Do?

Have you ever experienced a blackout and have been unable to decide what to do in order to restore electricity to your home? In case you encounter a power outage, you should know what measures to take and who to contact. The following instructions will help you to deal with the situation better as well as get your electricity back as soon as possible.

Why causes power failures?

When an area experiences disruptions in power supply due to a cut off from the energy source it is called a power cut, also known as a blackout or power failure. There can be several causes for power cuts some of which include severe weather conditions, or defective power systems.

What best to do in case of a power cut?

If there is a power outage in your locality, follow some simple steps to resolve the issue at once. To begin with, check your fuse box to rule out any fuse trip issues. Once you have determined the fuse hasn’t tripped, you can proceed to ensure if your neighbouring homes are also experiencing a power failure. If yes, it is evident that your power supplier is experiencing network issues.

In case it is a network issue, you are advised to call your area’s Local Distribution Company (LDC) which is responsible for handling power cables that link your home to the national network.

Who to call in case of a power cut?

Give postcode of your area in the box below, and it will provide you with the number you should call to.

What to do if your energy supplier disconnects you?

Normally, there is a very slight chance that your energy supply is suspended by the electricity provider, but we cannot rule it out. In case they decide to cut off your power supply, they are required by law to provide you with an advance written notice of 28 days after you have received your electricity bill. The supplier also has to send a written disconnection notice at least seven days prior to shutting off your power supply.

People who are dependent on pensions, suffering from health issues, infirmities or going through financial struggles can rest assured that there are several systems in place to protect their rights and save them from discontinued electricity supply. There are certain guidelines for those who are finding it difficult to pay their energy bills or facing energy debt.

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