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Guide to Switching Supplier

Guide to Switching Supplier

If you are wondering how to reduce your gas and electricity bills, then switching to a new supplier with better tariffs might work in your favour. Some of you might hesitate changing their current energy supplier, as it may entail some complexities and concerns. For instance, you are not sure if the new energy supplier will meet your expectations or be another letdown. However, switching to a new energy provider may at times work to your advantage, and the process is not as challenging as it appears to be.

Following is a complete guide to help you switching supplier in the best way possible.

Switching Energy Supplier

The basic information you need to collect before switching energy supplier includes:

  1. Your Supplier’s name, address, contact details and full post code
  2. Your current energy tariff plan plus estimate of costs and other tariff alternatives for the coming year
  3. Your energy use provided in kilowatt hours (kWh) based on which you can calculate your annual bill with the help of recent monthly bills
  4. You may also be required to state your reference number such as the MPAN number for electricity bills and MPRN number for gas bills in case your metre is difficult to locate
  5. Other information that you can find on your energy bills includes amount owed by you, the amount you have paid in case of a direct debit payment, the time period for which you have been charged, your metre’s previous and current readings, and price per unit of gas or electricity along with details of any discounts if available.

Find a Better Energy Deal

Once you have gained sufficient information regarding your bills and energy consumption, you can proceed to your hunt for a cheaper energy supplier.

  1. Your post code is very vital to us as the pricing of your electricity and gas bills varies from one location to another.
  2. To find out the best service for you we require information regarding your existing supplier, use of energy and current payment to be able to figure out your energy bill with the data provided.
  3. You also need to enlighten us about the kind of energy plan you wish to acquire, so that we can cater exactly as per your needs.
  4. After analysing the data you have provided, we will shortlist a certain number of suppliers that best fit the criteria you mentioned earlier. You can be reassured of a supplier’s services by merely checking their customer satisfaction ratings. After consideration you can choose the plan you find most suitable for yourself.
  5. Once you have made up your mind to switch your energy dealer, you will be asked to give a few details such as your name and address, which will then be forwarded to the new supplier you selected. The new supplier will then notify your existing supplier about the switch and create a new account for you.
    1. a: You will then have to obtain metre reading on the day of the switch
    2. b: Also, you will have to make your final payment to your old supplier while cancelling out direct debits if any.

Things to Expect During and After the Switch:

  1. You can rest assured that your gas or electricity supply will not be affected during the switch. With new supplier, you will not experience a change in the energy provided or any disruptions. The only changes will be the way you are charged and the company that charges you. You can also be reassured that you are not charged by both suppliers at the same time.
  2. The switch does not take place as soon as you sign up for the new company. Instead, it takes at least 17 days for the new supplier to pass information to the old supplier and to settle a suitable date for the switch to take place. In case you have registered for a switch of both gas and electricity, it may take place on two different days.
  3. Once the new and old supplier form consent, you will receive notice of it through a welcome pack by the new supplier informing you about the rate plan you have chosen and its details.
  4. If you decide to stay on with your old supplier you are given a 14 day cooling off period to make up your mind. All you have to do is contact your new supplier and inform them of you decision.
  5. You also have the liberty to switch suppliers after every 28 days to guarantee yourself the best rate plan. However, you may want to consider the cancellation charges that you will incur by doing so.

In sum, switching your energy supplier is not difficult if you know the rules. The instructions provided here will definitely guide you to a smooth transition from one supplier to another saving you a lot of hassle.

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