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British Gas

British Gas is a trading name which represents British Gas Services Limited and British Gas New Heating Limited, both belonging to Centrica Group. Based in Windsor, it is one of the top 6 energy suppliers (known as Big Six) and the biggest electricity provider in the United Kingdom. The Centrica Group is a British-owned multi-national enterprise whose foundations are rooted in UK, but extends its access to North America and Europe, with headquarters located in Windsor, Berkshire.

British Gas is mainly concentrated on energy supply to the general public, and it is worth mentioning that approximately half of the residential properties in UK are lit by its electricity chain, making it the biggest electricity supplier in the Kingdom. However, electric energy is not the only formidable service offered by the company, it also provides gas, boilers and boiler cover, and a number of other domestic and business services and products.

British Gas is energising about one million business customers across UK, and renders privileged services and contracts to all kinds of businesses. The interested customers must apply for long term contracts between 1-3 years and possess a credit score greater than 30. The credit score limit is 41 plus for Gas customers.

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