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Home Electricity Tariffs

Home Electricity Tariffs

Home Electricity tariff refers to fixed unit cost that an energy supplier bills to their residential customers. The rates are different for different countries, and they also reveal considerable difference among available energy providers in a country.

The rates are directly proportional to market price of fuel, total generated electricity and availability of renewable and nonrenewable fuel resources in a country. Moreover, electricity charges are partially also affected by rules and regulation promulgated by government, subsidies provided by government, source used to generate electricity and type of subscription (residential, commercial, industrial customers etc). Generally, the hydro-electric energy is the cheapest source of electricity.

Home electricity tariff usually also depends upon customer charges, it varies substantially among different energy providers and the regions where the service is offered. In UK, your home electricity tariff varies according to the information you provide to your energy supplier to determine the electricity costs:

  • Your current energy supplier
  • Your home address, signifying the home electricity tariff in your region
  • Energy suppliers’ discount deals, if the company was offering it at the time of your application
  • Your tariff selection, for example some companies offer pay as you go tariff
  • Your selection of payment method; for instance paperless billing, direct deposit and standard billing system among various other customised options a company might be providing
  • Your selection of any package deals offered by the company
  • Energy suppliers’ current announcement or commitment regarding tariffs; for example, SSE has a frozen tariff, without any change in rates till 2016.

All the energy providers usually offer an interactive form on their web portal, which helps you calculate home electricity tariff.

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