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Home Gas Tariffs

Home Gas tariff refers to fixed unit cost of gas that energy suppliers bill to their residential customers. Every country has its own gas tariffs, while the rates also vary among various energy suppliers.

In any country home energy tariffs rely upon the following factors:

  • Country’s natural gas reserves serve as a major determinant of gas prices
  • Rates of non-renewable fuel resources
  • Amount of renewable and nonrenewable energy resources
  • Government guidelines and laws that are imposed upon energy providers
  • Government aid
  • Type of customer ( residential, commercial, industrial customers)

In UK, customer charges are also kept in view while determining cost per unit usage of gas. Besides, different regions of a country have different demands and usages of gas, so rates also vary. So, your home gas tariff depends upon the data you provide to your desired company, and the costs are determined in the light of that information.

Here is a list of things a gas provider in UK may ask from you:

  • Your current gas energy supplier
  • Your postcode, based on which they calculate prices in your region
  • Seasonal, recurrent and permanent deals offered by the companies
  • Your choice of tariff, like pay as you go tariff or others
  • Your choice of billing method, which are usually comprised of paperless billing, direct deposit and standard billing
  • Policies of energy suppliers, like keeping the tariffs constant for a certain duration of time

Visit your desired gas energy supplier’s website and evaluate your home gas tariff by inputting the asked details.

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