E.on Energy

British Gas
October 17, 2019

E.on Energy provides gas and electricity services in UK, for both residential and business users. Previously known as Powergen (until it changed its name in 2007), the company is one of the ‘big six’ energy suppliers in the United Kingdom and belongs to E.on Group.

E.on Energy employs more than 12,000 workforce in the UK alone and 79,000 workers around the world. The energy driven company is responsible for providing energy to over 5 million homes and businesses in the UK alone, which rightfully lists it among the biggest energy suppliers in the world.

E.on generates its own electricity and currently has 21 wind farms at its disposal, spread across different locations in UK, with a combined output of about 200 megawatts, which are enough to light up 200,000 homes. The enterprise inaugurated a powerful biomass power plant in 2008, which is fueled with waste wood debris and is located in Lockerbie, Scotland. This £90 million mega project is the largest biomass facility in UK, capable to generate 44 megawatts of electric energy, which can easily maintain supply to 70,000 homes.

E.on extends a number of energy tariffs, online account management, highly active support team for its customers.

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