Total Gas and Power

October 17, 2019

Total Gas and Power is a privileged energy supplier which only caters to commercial needs and has expandedwithover 75,000 business customers. Initially established as AGAS Ltd in 1987, it became the first independent gas energy provider in UK.However, they actuallygot successful when the business received a massive boost in 2001, and has been growing ever since.

Total Gas and Power Limited is a trusted brand for commercial usersservinga wide range of industrial customers that belong to various niches. The enterprise offers very competitive rates and multitude of energy solutions according to their customers’ requirements. The salient featuresare fixed rates for small business users, Automated Meter Reading (AMR), uninterrupted supply, energy market resources and Green Power/Cleaner and Renewable Power. The company also extends its clients with Smart Energy Procurement Platform, Feed-in Tariffs Scheme, Guaranteed Savings Programme and CRC Requests.

At Total Gas and Power, the staff is dedicated to preserve company’s values, and the prime aim is to establish an honest, transparent, professional and mutually beneficial relationship with the customers. The new customers get quick reception and are handled with care, as a new business customer usually needs more assurances.

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