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Best Business Gas Tariff

Knowing what your business need from a gas supplier and shopping around before your existing gas contract expires, could help you save money. This guide shows you how to get the best gas tariff for your business.

What is best business gas tariff?

Business gas prices vary with suppliers to suppliers in the UK. Your business type, location and how much gas you consume at your premises will determine the tariffs offered by the gas suppliers.

You can either contact each gas supplier which would be very cumbersome or you can choose our price comparison to find the best deal. To use our price comparison tool, you will only to provide basic details e.g. post code, address details, gas consumption and the contract expiry date. With the detailed search results, you can pick and choose any tariff that best suit your needs.

Size of your business

Size of your business is one of the important factors when choosing a gas supplier. There are number of gas suppliers that only offer tariffs to small and medium businesses only. Usually, businesses sizes are divided into three categories:

  • Small Business – businesses that usually have one site and consumes less than 500,000 kwh of gas per year. If you consume less than 293,000 kwh of gas, you may qualify for getting tariff for micro-businesses

  • Large Business – Large restaurants, care homes and all those businesses who consumes considerable amount of gas are classified as large business gas users.

  • Multi-site Business – Those businesses that operate from various locations are classified under multi-site business gas users. Usually, energy suppliers offer discounts to multi-site businesses.

Business Gas Tariff Types

The cost of your tariff also depends on the type of tariff you choose. There are three main types of tariffs currently offered by gas suppliers.

  • Fixed – In fixed tariff, the unit price of your gas stays the same throughout your contract. When signing for fixed tariffs, gas suppliers tend to offer you long term contracts, just like mortgages to have a peace of mind.

  • Flexible -Large businesses usually choose flexible tariffs as these tariffs will change when the wholesale gas prices change in the market. However, businesses opting for this tariff tend to have pricing specialists who know how the gas market works and know what they are signing for.

  • Eco – this tariff is offered by few gas suppliers in the UK as usually the gas supplied with this tariff comes from renewable sources.

Business Gas Contract Duration

Business gas contracts are usually for 12 to 60 months. The gas prices depend on the length of contract you choose. The smaller the contract, the better the prices as for longer term contracts, energy suppliers have to add the market and prices risks and hence the prices are slightly higher.

Also, if you choose a fixed term contract, you cannot terminate the contract or switch to another gas suppliers before your contract expires.

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