Energy Guide for GP Surgeries

Electricity and gas prices for GP surgeries are on the rise. Compare electricity and gas prices from all energy suppliers to get the cheapest gas and electricity deals.

Business Energy: Key terms explained

Use our glossary to understand the technical jargon and key terms used in the electricity and gas supply industry in the UK.

Business Relocation: A guide for businesses to switch and save

Moving business premises involves a mile long to-do-list to manage and it can be stressful process for most business.

Business Energy for Small Farms

There are 212,000 farm holdings of various sizes that use electricity and gas for their business operations and it is important as any.

Average business electricity rates by business type in UK

If you never switched business electricity, your energy supplier might be charging your high rates for the electricity you use.

Business Energy Contracts During Covid-19 Breakout

If you are a business owner there’s a good chance you may already be counting the cost of the COVID-19 pandemic – particularly if you’ve temporarily closed.

Cheapest Business Electricity Prices in London

For an average business (office based type) in London paying around £4000 in annual electricity bill, below is the list of business electricity prices from various energy suppliers.

Third Party Insurance

A Third Party Insurance (TPI) is the most basic kind of car insurance. This insurance will cover you if you have an accident,causing damage or injury to any other person,vehicle, animal or property.

Understanding Car Insurance Premium

Have you ever wondered how the cost of your car insurance is calculated by the insurance companies? For most of us, the calculation of car insurance premium