Switching Energy Suppliers

Find the right deal and never
overpay again


Finding the best commercial electricity rates can be somewhat of a challenge. Not only does it eat into precious business hours, but contracts come up for renewal, rates change and suddenly a business is no longer receiving a utility company’s best rates.

Switch & Save

Your switch should be all wrapped up within 21 days.
Your new supplier will handle the admin throughout the process.

When it comes to the ability to compare business electricity on an individual basis, having a dedicated Business Energy Shop account manager doing this on your behalf is invaluable. Our free and impartial service means that not only do we help find the most cost effective electricity for your business, but we strip away all the jargon, complexities and tariffs that make trying to compare business electricity prices so tedious and time consuming

We compare a wide range of suppliers and deals from across the market

We work with over 50 energy suppliers, including all the big brands, to help you make savings on your energy bills

We’re not wedded to any one supplier. In fact when it comes to finding the best electricity for business, sometimes the best deals can come from the smallest of service providers. We search them all – large and small – to ensure that we find the very best rates to suit your business needs. On average, our new customers find that we can save them up to 30 per cent on their existing utility costs.
We can find commercial electricity rates for all size of businesses. From a one-man band working from home through to the largest of corporate buildings and multi-sites, using the services of the Business Energy Shop means you’ll never over-pay for your energy costs again.

Energy FAQs

1How long does it take to switch an energy supplier?
It can take between 10 days to 3 months to successfully switch from your existing supplier to the new supplier. There are many factors that determine the time it takes to switch. For example, in some cases, there are billing arrears that need to be cleared and in some cases, a business may be in a long term contract and switching process cannot take place until you are closer to your contract renewal.
2How can I get a smart meter for my business?
You can call us on 0845 021 5000 to discuss your requirements to install a smart meter at your business premises or send us an email for further details at:
3Why switch supplier?
Businesses can save money by switching their current energy supplier to the one that offers more competitive prices and more flexible energy contract. Each supplier has a different price plan for businesses energy just like the insurance companies. Business energy shop trained energy experts will help businesses like yours to find the right energy product that suits your business and financial needs.
4Is your switching service free of cost?
We don’t charge customers for using our services. We get paid by the energy suppliers each time we introduce a new customer to them.

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