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Electricity and Gas prices for Warehouses

With average electricity bills continuing to rise, now could be the ideal time to save on electricity prices for your warehouse business.

Energy represents one of the largest costs of operating a warehouse. Hence, managing energy offers one of the greatest opportunities for improving profitability. New technologies in the areas of temperature control, material handling, lighting and water management make energy use one of the most important considerations in warehouse efficiency. Beside technology innovation at your warehouse, switching your electricity supplier to the cheaper one can also reduce your costs, thus increasing profitability.

Energy costs for a non-refrigerated warehouse are around 15% of warehouse’ operating budget and in case of refrigerated warehouses, this cost can go as high as 60%.

The cost of electricity for your warehouse is made up of the following factors:

  • The unit rate, which is what you are paying for each kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity you use at your warehouse

  • The standing charge,which is the daily fee you pay your supplier for managing your account

  • The rate type, which affects whether the unit rate is fixed or variable

  • The contract length,which affects how long you have to wait before switching

One of the best ways to bring this electricity cost down is to switch your electricity supplier when your contract is about to expire or in case of a new owner at a warehouse, switch it as soon you move in.

Other factors that may help reduce your electricity costs are:

  • Replacing standard lights with LED lights

  • Energy monitoring equipment to keep any on your electricity consumption

  • Regular servicing of your electrical appliances

  • Energy efficiency technologies.

Use smart business electricity price comparison services offered by Business Energy Shop to see how much you can save on your electricity bill.

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