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Electricity and Gas for Mosque

Electricity and gas prices are on the rise for businesses in the UK and mosques are no exception to this. In this article, we will show you how to control energy costs at your mosque by taking simple measures.

As the gas and electricity prices are on the rise, organisations; both for-profit and charities are looking to save money on their operating costs. Energy is one of the biggest financial costs that charities incur annually. Here at Business Energy Shop, we can help your organisation drastically reduce your energy spend.

Business Energy Shop works with many mosques around the country to save energy and reduce their bills. Two thirds of the Islamic community suffer disproportionately from fuel poverty and it is important to look after the electricity and gas bills for your mosque to tackle this fuel poverty.

There are certain steps you can take that will help you reduce electricity and gas at your mosque.

1. Smart Meter – A smart meter can help you manage your electricity and gas bill by showing accurate energy consumption throughout the mosque. Your current energy suppliers can fit one now to provide more accurate billing.

2. Energy for charities – we have published a small guide ‘Energy for charities and non-profits' that can help you understand energy costs at your mosque and how you can reduce it.

3. Switching energy supplier – Comparing and switching your energy supplier can also help reduce the energy costs of your mosque. You can use our free Online Business Energy Price comparison service to see how much you could save on electricity and gas by entering just few details.

4. LED lights – if you have traditional lights in the mosques, try to replace them with energy saving LED lights as they can reduce the electricity costs between 5-10%.

5. Efficient boiler system – During the winter, one of the highest uses of gas is supplying hot water to those coming for prayers in the mosques. Usually, all mosques have a boiler for heating and hot water. If your boiler is old, the chances are that it will not be very efficient and you need to hire a specialize to look into replacing your existing boiler system with energy efficient boiler system.

6. Add insulation - Adding insulation (such as loft inclusion or cavity wall insulation) to your mosque decreases the amount of draught coming in and reduces the amount heat from going out of your mosque. Simple, low cost measures such as draught-proofing tape and radiator panels are also available which you can easily install yourself to reduce the energy consumption at your mosque.

If you have questions regarding energy consumption or how to save money on electricity and gas at your mosque, call us today on 0345 021 5000 and one of our trained energy advisors will answer your queries. Alternatively, you can email us at with your query and we would love to reply you back as soon as possible.

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