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Energy for Businesses with Multi Sites

For businesses that have multiple sites and meters, Business Energy Shop offers a number of services which can both reduce costs and the resource that go into managing these complicated setups.

Managing costs of electricity or gas for any type and size of business is a complex task. But for organizations with large portfolio, managing these costs become critical to ensure they don’t run into significant overspend. There are certain steps that can be taken to ensure the efficient energy management for businesses with multiple sites.

1. Secure flexible contracts

Energy-intensive businesses with a single site might use the same amount of energy as a multisite consumer, but the needs of a business with multiple sites are very different to those of a single factory. You need to make sure you’re on the right contract that allows flexibility, including the removal and addition of sites without it affecting your overall rate.

2. Understand your energy consumption

Apart from certain sized organizations, where they are obliged to monitor their energy on regular basis, it is quite tricky for other organizations with multiple sites to keep track of energy consumption and spend.

For a retailer or restaurant chain, your energy use might be split over a thousand sites, consumption dependent on a range of different variables such as number of sales, customer traffic and staff behavior.

By understanding the average consumption across your entire estate, your utility consultant can tailor your procurement strategy, adjusting procurement to cover any site changes that occur.

3. Contract end dates

It’s also important to ensure that your supply contracts are in a common agreement with a common end date. Coterminous end dates will make everyday life easier from a purchasing perspective, plus, it makes it much easier to spot a problem when receiving invoices.

4. Agreed supply capacity level checks

Making sure that you have the correct level of capacity is important and we would recommend a regular assessment of your Agreed Supply Capacity (ASC) to ensure that what you’re paying on your invoices is in line with what you’re using at a particular on site. If you’re a multisite energy user, you will need to check that every meter across your portfolio is set at the right capacity level to make sure you’re not overpaying.

To learn more about how Business Energy Shop can your multi-site energy for business, call us on 0345 021 5000 or send us an email on and one of our trained energy advisers will be in touch with you to answer your query.

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