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Energy for charities and non-profits

Charities are classified as small businesses by most energy suppliers in the UK. Like other small businesses, charities have to keep an eye on their energy bills to keep their operating costs low.

UK energy suppliers don’t have any special tariffs or discounts for charities or non-profit organisations. Regular increase in electricity and gas prices often results in those organisations struggling to keep up with their energy cost.

As most charities depend on volunteers to run their organisation and lack of experience in dealing with energy bills often cost these organisations ended up paying high electricity and gas bills than those in private sector.

At Business Energy Shop we have helped hundreds of charities across the country to reduce their electricity and gas bills by getting the right prices for them.
For the last 10 years, we have helped hundreds of churches, mosques, temples, social clubs and charity shops to save money on their energy bills.

Help with VAT and CCL for non-profits

Most charities are unaware that they are paying incorrect VAT rate on their energy bills as they failed to inform their energy supplier their charitable status. Same applies with CCL charges; as domestic supply and energy supply for charities are exempted from any CCL charges.

At Business Energy Shop, we can help you reduce the VAT rate your organisation is paying for their energy bill and also help you get exemption of CCL charges on your energy bill. If you have been paying wrong VAT and CCL charges, we can also help you claim back the amount you have paid for these charges.

For help or information about VAT or CCL charges on your electricity and gas bill, contact Business Energy Shop on 0345 021 5000 and one of our trained energy staff members will guide you step by step how to save energy by fixing VAT and CCL charges.

There is also a free business energy price comparison services that you can use to find out about the current electricity and gas prices for your organization.

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