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Guide to Half Hourly Electricity


Our helpful guide explains everything you need to know about Half Hourly Electricity

Half hourly electricity is a very different type of contract to standard electricity metering, and something that we can offer to our business customers. For a business that uses a great deal of electricity, a half hourly meter can be a method of driving down commercial electricity rates even further.
A half hour electricity meter does, as the name suggests, take meter readings every thirty minutes. This might not work for every business, but for those that have a large rate of electricity consumption, this can be an extremely cost effective method of reducing the overall annual bill.

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1What are the pros and cons of half hourly meters?
You can control what you spend and avoid shock bills
2What are the pros and cons of half hourly meters?
It tends to be more expensive
3What are the pros and cons of half hourly meters?
You could still switch suppliers
4What are the pros and cons of half hourly meters?
You’ll pay more when you use more

However, discovering if such a meter would work for your particular business does require expert help. And at the Business Energy Shop we have specialist energy consultants who can provide just that. The more electricity you use, the more essential it becomes to ensure that you really are taking advantage of every tool available that can lower commercial electricity rates as much as possible.


To discover whether your business might enjoy lower electricity bills through the use of half hour meters, simply request a call back from one of our experts. We’ll then be able to take an in-depth look at the electricity consumption of your business, and determine whether a half hourly meter might provide you with a more competitive tariff than the one you currently have.

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