New Business Electricity Meter Installation

If your business doesn’t have a business electricity supply line, you should install a new meter at least one month before your electricity line is installed. A new electricity meter installation can take up to 12 weeks.

Whether you are opening a new business or moving to a new location, electricity meter is an integral part of electricity supply to your business. If your premises don’t have an electricity meter, you need to get one installed before electricity supply to your business start.
Installing a new electricity meter can be quite confusing if you haven’t got any experience of installing electricity meter. New electricity meter can take up to 12 weeks to get installed and in this short guide, we will show you what steps are required to do that.

How to get an MPAN for a new connection

Before you apply for a new electricity meter, you need to apply for an MPAN number. THE MPAN is a unique 21 digits reference number used in the UK that identifies each electricity point. The MPAN must not be confused with your account or reference number. In order to apply for MPAN, you need to contact one of the electricity distributors in the UK. Each distributor has its own set of fees when you apply for MPAN and after making a payment, an MPAN can be issued for a new site.

Information required to get MPAN

You need to have a full postal address when applying for an MPAN. If your premises is already registered with UPRN or with Royal Mail database, you can just provide that information to the electricity distributor. For a new building, if the address is not registered with Street Naming and Numbering Department within the local authority, you first need to get it registered. Without this information, you will not be able to apply for MPAN and in most cases, you will receive MPAN within 6 weeks.

How to apply for a new electricity meter

After you received your MPAN, you need to contact an electricity supplier for come and install an electricity meter at your premises. This process can take up to 12 weeks and you may need to sign an electricity supply contract with one of the electricity suppliers.


What is UPRN?

A Unique Property Reference Number or UPRN is related to a property / item / piece of land, issued by the local authority e.g., phone box, lake, flat, house, land.

I am switching supplier, do I need a new MPAN?

No, the MPAN is unique to the location of the supply point, a new supplier will use the same MPAN as ed.

I am upgrading a service; do I need a new MPAN?

No, the existing MPAN can be used for the upgraded supply. IF additional supply points are to be added to an existing supply (e.g. for a Building Network [BNO]) then additional MPANs will be required.

I am not the owner, or registered with the electricity supplier, of the property where I need to manage existing supplies. I have the MPAN/s, what is the process?

If the supplies are not registered to you, most distribution companies will require a Letter of Authority (on headed paper) from the registered owner of the property (who manages the electricity bills) giving permission for your company to manage them (and associated MPANs) on their behalf.
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